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Hongya Boggeum Jjambbong (Stir-fried Jjambbong)

Hongya Boggeum Jjambbong (Stir-fried Jjambbong)

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Special Hongya's recipe from Incheon, Hongya Boggeum Jjambbong


Patented recipe secret sauce and our own polyvalent noodle aging method, enjoy the chewy noodle at home.


MD Recommends:

Squid and mussle provide the chewy sensation. Mixture of handmade chinese noodle and spicy sauce will bring you the fresh wok hei. Also fresh Korea-produced vegetables are all deepfrozen at lower than -60 degree to preserve vegetable's freshness and their original texture.


Tasty Note

We applied Korean cooking method to obtain patented technique for deep and clear taste.

  • With our own polyvalent noodle aging method, noodle is much chewy and soft.

  • HACCP Certified for safe and clean food

Low Fat Korean-Chinese, Hongya

Low Fat Korean-Chinese, Hongya is a restaurant located in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon. All our dishes are relatively low-fat, using far less oil while still retaining the authentic taste. Hongya's patented meal kits are designed to maintain the same taste and quality for anyone who cooks, so you can enjoy restaurant quality dishes at reasonable prices. We offer low-fat, clean taste Korean-Chinese dishes with recipes that combine the merits of both.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

serves 2



33.8oz 960g 1pack (Boggeum Jjambbong sauce 250gX2 pack, Chinese noodle 230gX2 pack)



Only Korean vegetable are used and deepfrozen below -60 degree not to lose their natural taste and original freshness

  • STEP 1 Cooking noodle

    Put noodle into the boiling water for 30 seconds and take it out, remove water (it is deepfrozen noodle; it does not need to be boil up for a long time)

  • STEP 2 Cooking sauce

    Once defrosting is completed, put a spoonful of kitchen oil on a frying pan and stir fry it for one more minute

  • STEP 3 Finishing up

    Put noodle into prepared sauce then stir fry them for one and half minute more, then put them all on a plate/bowl for serving.

Product essential information


noodle: flour, water, tapioka starch, salt, Mixture 1 (potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate), gluten, mixture 2 (riboflavin, dextrin), propylene glycol alginate
sauce: sauce (soybean oil, oyster sauce, sodium glutamate, water, red pepper powder, red pepper seed, garlic) squid, water, onion, cabbage, wood ear mushroom, clam, green onion, carrot


  • squid
  • bean
  • shellfish(oyster)
  • wheat

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