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Nadri Ganjjolmyeon (Chewy Noodles in Spicy Sauce and Soy Sauce)

Nadri Ganjjolmyeon (Chewy Noodles in Spicy Sauce and Soy Sauce)

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Nadri Ganjjolmyeon the harmony of Special Soy Sauce and Gochujang Bibim Sauce


This very product is our signature menu that we developed it to be not too spicy for everyone to enjoy.


A Note from Mealtones

Good people of Youngju, where our restaurant is located, loves our taste. We want all the people to enjoy our food so we created home meal replacement version of this menu.



Gochujang bibim sauce and our special ganjang sauce are mixed by 6:4 golden ratio for less spicy taste and much savory flavor.

  • Latest trend seems to be they use thin noodle, however, we use thick noodle that we are familiar with back in 30 years ago, for better chewy noodle texture.

  • Our sauce is 100% hand made mat ganjang with onions and fruits brewed for 3 hours also we put 30 different ingredients and let it sleep at low temperature for 20 days yangnyeomjang.

We stand a century as a beloved restaurant: Nadri Jjolmyeon

Nadri Jjolmyeon started in 1986 Youngju, Gyeongsangbukdo and they live on to this date. During Korean War the noodle shop by grandmother passed it down to her daughter and it was named Nadri and now her son, the third generation is running the business. In 2018 the noodle restaurant selected as 'a century restaurant'.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

seves 2



1.13 lb (514g) (Nadri Jjolmyeon noodle 2 packs, Nadri Bibim sauce 2 packs, sesame seaweed topping 2 pack)



Our Ganjjolmyeon liquid sauce amount is good for adding 80g of vegetable (cabbage). By the amount of vegetable, our liquid sauce taste can be thicker or thinner

  • STEP 1 Boiling noodle

    Boil water in a pot then when water starts to boil, put noodle in and boil it for 6 more minutes. Stir the noodle so that they won't get stuck on the pot.

  • STEP 2 Waiting

    Please turn off the heat and wait for one full minute

  • STEP 3 Finishing up

    Please wash the noodle with running water at kitchen sink then mix the noodle with yangnyeom sauce. It gets better if the noodle and the sauce are cold.

Product essential information


gochujang (rice, salt, bean, purified water, onion, garlic), red pepper powder, garlic, onion, sugar, soy sauce (bean, wheat, salt, purified water), banana, apple, anchovy, clear rice wine, carbonated water, monosodium L-glutamic acid


  • bean
  • anchovy
  • wheat

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