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MiLoveYou Deulkae Kalguksu (Noodle Soup With Perilla Seeds)

MiLoveYou Deulkae Kalguksu (Noodle Soup With Perilla Seeds)

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no flour, no starch added MiLoveYou Perilla Seed Kalguksu(Korean Noodle Soup)


10 original ingredients with Moringa leaf, clean soup and no flour no starch, HACCP certified our product can be trusted for serving.


A Note from Mealtones

We applied Moringa leaf's deep taste and its nutrition directly into our noodle.



The broth itself boasts a clean and mild flavor, with no traces of starchy or floury aftertaste in the noodles. It is not accompanied by any overpowering seasoning like soybean paste (doenjang) or red pepper flakes (gochugaru), allowing the clear, refreshing taste of the broth to shine through.

  • Moringa leaves are added to our soup for better nutrition

  • rice 97%, flour and starch 0%. Our noodle is gluten free rice noodle with soft and chewy texture from the beginning to the end of the entire serving.

MiLoveYou KALGUKSU from a gourmet restaurant of Daejeon

MiLoveYou simply means 'Mi (taste) Love (love) You (you), tasty food with you' Our noodle soup is Daejeon, Korea born. MiLoveYou has HACCP certification and produces hygienic and safe food.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

serves 2



Soup (1000g*1 Pack), Noodles (200g*2 servings)



Soup and Noodle are separately packed

  • STEP 1 Boiling the soup

    Put the frozen soup in a pot and start heat it up. Soup could get evaporated so please don't forget to put the lid on.

  • STEP 2 Boiling noodle

    Once the soup start to boil, put the boiled noodle in and stir it from time to time to avoid noodle to stick on the pot.

  • STEP 3 finishing up

    Put noodle and boil it for 5 more minutes and it is done for your preference

Product essential information


Soup : MiLoveYoukalguksu soup the original sum(Radish,Onion,japanese anchovy,Garlic,complex cooked food,Monosodium L-Glutamate,Drumstick-tree),Perilla,Sea weed
Noodle : Rice,refined salt,Methyl Cellulose,Propylene Glycol Alginate,dextrin,
Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose


  • wheat
  • squid
  • bean
  • shell fish

Expiration date

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MiLoveYou F&D corp

State of CA only

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers
WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, cadmium and/or lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to