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MiLoveYou Jogae Kalguksu (Noodle Soup With Clam)

MiLoveYou Jogae Kalguksu (Noodle Soup With Clam)

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MiLoveYou Clam Kalguksu (Korean Noodle Soup)


We only use 100% Korean fresh clams into our spicy soup. Also, with our special recipe, noodle is chewy and it does not turn flat until the last string of our noodle. On top of our special soup and noodle, we added Moringa leaf's taste and nutrition.


A Note from Mealtones

Clam and vegetable's freshness are kept as they are



We tried our best to produce not too spicy soup from children to elderlies to enjoy our product.

  • Moringa leaves are added for better taste and more nutrition

  • With our special method, noodle will be chewy and it won't turn flat.

MiLoveYou KALGUKSU from a gourmet restaurant of Daejeon

MiLoveYou simply means 'Mi (taste) Love (love) You (you), tasty food with you' Our noodle soup is Daejeon, Korea born. MiLoveYou has HACCP certification and produces hygienic and safe food.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

serves 2



Soup (1000g*1 Pack), Noodle(150g*2 servings)



shell fish, clam and surf clam, soup, and vegetables are all included.

  • STEP 1 Boiling the soup

    Put the frozen soup in a pot and start heat it up. Soup could get evaporated so please don't forget to put the lid on.

  • STEP 2 Finishing up

    Once the soup is start to boil, put noodle and boil it for 4 min 30 sec more. Enjoy the noodle soup

Product essential information


soup: mi love u noodle soup (radish, onion, anchovy, garlic, composite seasoning, L-glutamic acid natrium, moringa leaf), surf clam, shell fish, green onion, pepper
noodle: flour, modifired starch, essential gluten, purified salt


  • wheat
  • squid
  • bean
  • shell fish

Expiration date

Printed on the package


MiLoveYou F&D corp

State of CA only

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers
WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, cadmium and/or lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to