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Ongojip Versatile Siraegi in Doenjang (Soybean Paste Soup with Dried Radish Greens)

Ongojip Versatile Siraegi in Doenjang (Soybean Paste Soup with Dried Radish Greens)

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Ongojip Versatile Siraegi in Doenjang (Dried Radish Greens Mixed with Soybean Paste)


This versatile mix of dried radish greens and doenjang are made with the best ingredients around, handpicked by Master Chef Chunseop Han, the first of 13 master chefs appointed by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.


A Note from Mealtones

Ongojip only uses dried radish greens grown in Yanggu, Gangwon Province. These high-quality dried radish greens are characterized by their aroma and softness, grown traditionally and dried naturally by the wind for 60 days. Enjoy nutrient-packed dried radish greens mixed with a doenjang all-purpose base for soup, porridge, side dishes, and more!



The traditional doenjang has dimension and depth that can only come from prolonged, natural fermentation. It tastes a little tart for some people.

  • Ongojip only uses high-quality radish greens from Yanggu, naturally dried in the shade for 60 days.

  • We’ve done the hard work for you! Just enjoy our wholesome, great-tasting siraegi dish with no fuss.

Ongojip, the Renowned Home of Fermentation

Ongojip, the Renowned Home of Fermentation, continues a 20-year tradition of making Korean traditional jang―soy-fermented sauces and pastes that are a staple of Korean cuisine. Ongojip’s jangs are made in the Gunsan region, surrounded by a pristine natural environment with fresh water and clean air. Using only top-of-the-line ingredients from Korea, we carefully ferment our jangs in large earthenware jars under gentle spring sunlight. We have worked to preserve the rich umami flavor of our famous jang while also lowering its sodium content through dedicated research.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

· 1-2 servings per container



· 1 package of dried radish greens in doenjang



This versatile paste reduces the time-consuming hassle of cooking siraegi (dried radish greens).

  • STEP 1 Prepare

    Prepare chili peppers and scallions as desired.

  • STEP 2 Boil and Serve

    Bring a pot of roughly 27oz (800ml) of water to a boil. Add the paste and vegetables.

Product essential information


purified water, fermented soybean paste (soybean, zucchini, barley flour, sea salt, chili seeds powder), dried radish greens, anchovy stock, blended soy sauce, garlic, Cheongyang chili pepper, red chili pepper, anchovy powder, monosodium L-glutamate


  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Milk
  • Shrimp
  • Shellfish

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