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Hanmandoo Kimchi Wangmandoo(Jumbo Dumpling)

Hanmandoo Kimchi Wangmandoo(Jumbo Dumpling)

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Hanmandoo Kimchi Wangmandoo


With great knowledge of over 100 recipes regarding Mandu, Hanmandoo created mandoo one by one with care and love by selecting healthy and fresh ingredients only.


MD Recommends:

Our crispy kimchi mandoo, that you can steam it or make soup with them for easy serving.


Tasty Note

You will reach out for fresh spicy kimchi taste again and again.

  • We only used Korea-produced pogi kimchi.

  • We make our dumplings big and fill it with much stuffings.

Give happiness once a year, Hanmandoo

Hanmandoo's mission is 'Seek happiness of staffs and provide tasty and healthy food for our customers' Our company may be small but our company realize and concretize our goals and dreams.
From the year 1999, we are registered as handmade moolmandoo producer, and we provided quality handmade mandoo and competed with major companies with our special recipe and various patents for product development. We obtain techniques that no one has. Our motto is to serve safe, clean, and healthy food, for we know food can cure the sick and unhealthy.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

Serve 2



9.8oz 280g 1pack(4 dumplings)



one dumpling 70g (7cm2.7 inches X5cm 2 inches) X 4 dumplings

  • STEP 1 for microwave

    1. Dip the surface of mandu in water then put mandu in a plate where it has 1/3 of water to the height of the mandu. 2. Put clean wrap and spin in microwave for 8 minutes (at 1000w)

  • STEP 2 for steam cooker

    1. When water is boiling, put our product into the steam cooker. 2. Close the steam cooker and steam this for 12 minutes (our product is best served with steam cooker)

Product essential information


Cabbage, wheat flour, pickled radish, tofu, kimchi, soybean protein, soybean oil, processed starch products (potato rice cake flour), onion, squid, leek, vinegar, sea salt (thick salt), vermicelli, red pepper powder, soy protein isolate, sesame oil, other alcoholic beverages (mirin), processed starch (potato starch), grains (active wheat gluten), refined salt, sugar, sauce (PROX), garlic, sodium L-glutamate, liquid seasoning, mixed soy sauce, ginger, edible oil (vegetable), food additives (highly concentrated extract), natural spice (ginger powder), natural spice (pepper powder), 5'-ribonucleotide disodium, sauce (paprilic seasoning), complex seasoning (grilled seafood)


  • milk
  • squid
  • soy bean
  • wheat
  • shrimp

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Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers
WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, cadmium and/or lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to