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3 kinds of Namul for Bibimbap (sanchae, gondre, bujikkaengii)

3 kinds of Namul for Bibimbap (sanchae, gondre, bujikkaengii)

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Healthy, delicious, and easy! 3 kinds of Namul(vegetables) for Bibimbap


Only 100% domestic, pesticide-free ingredients were used. In the beautiful and clean Goheung, Jeollanam-do, fragrant namul grown with only sunlight and sea breezes are mixed with a variety of healthy mushrooms such as cordyceps, bay mushrooms, and pyogo mushrooms, allowing you to enjoy a nutritious flavor just with rice mix.


MD Recommends:

There is no need for the troublesome process of soaking, boiling, and handling namul, so it is simple and just pops it on the washed rice when cooking! If you put it on top, you can enjoy healthy namul rice.


Tasty Note

You can enjoy delicious, fragrant and healthy namul rice on your table all year round.

  • This is a healthy home replacement meal made with 100% domestic, pesticide-free ingredients.

  • A vegan meal full of flavor in one pack

Damwoo: We dream realizing social values that everybody will be moved

In order for us to make high quality products, we do not select source materials in any irresponsible manners. To provide fresh products, we only get supplied directly from farms in Goheung, Jeonllanamdo where they select namul with mother's care and love. What we would like to provide for our customer is high quality source materials, hygienic manufacture procedure, and 'tasty' nutritious food with green energy. Also we put our best efforts for coexistance with surrouding social members so that we can grow together with them and realize our consistant caring and sharing.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container




Gondre Namul Rice Mix (10.5g), Sanchae Namul Rice Mix (10.5g), Bujikkaengii Namul Rice Mix (10.5g)


  • STEP 1 Washing

    Wash the namul(vegetables) well in water. When washed in water, dried herbs retain moisture and recover more quickly.

  • STEP 2 Cooking rice

    Place the ingredients on the washed rice and cook. You can also add the water from which the namul were washed and cook them as you would when cooking rice.

  • STEP 3 Mixing and Serving

    Mix in the seasoning sauce by your preference. You can also add perilla oil, soy sauce, fried egg, etc. and mix it together.

  • STEP 4 Give this a try

    Try using it in a variety of ways, such as namul bibimbap, stir-fried namul, and namul japchae.

Product essential information


Gondre Namul Rice Mix: Gondre, pyogo mushrooms, bay mushrooms, Cordyceps sinensis
Sanchae Namul Rice Mix: dried radish, poker, pyogo mushrooms, bay mushrooms, cordyceps sinensis
Bujikkaengii Namul Rice Mix: Bujikkaengii, pyogo mushrooms, bay mushrooms, cordyceps sinensis


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