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Chossijib Baeknyeon Haemul-tang (Seafood Stew)

Chossijib Baeknyeon Haemul-tang (Seafood Stew)

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Baeknyeon Haemul-tang(Seafood Stew), filled with abundant fresh seafood in a hearty bowl


The broth recipe and secret sauce that have been passed down since its establishment in 1959 provide a clean and refreshing taste of Busan.


MD Recommends:

Chossijib's special secret sauce made by adding all kinds of seasonings to sauce brewed broth in the traditional way made and it tastes great.


Tasty Note

You can enjoy a rich and flavorful seafood stew with generous portions of various fresh seafood such as flower crab, abalone, shrimp and mussels.

  • It is made with a broth recipe and secret sauce that has been handed down for the second generation.

  • It is made with fresh ingredients delivered directly from the fish market every day.

The 100-year-old shop that has been passed down for the second generation, Chossijp

Chossijib, which has been passed down for the second generation following the first founder in 1959, boasts an unchanging taste of tradition. Fresh seafood selected every morning, broth recipe and secret sauce handed down from the founder are clean and deep, yet as cool as the Busan sea breeze.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

This is a home meal replacement for two person.



850g (30oz)


  • STEP 1 Remove from freezer and thaw before cooking.

    You can put it in a cooking bowl and heat it in the microwave for about 5 minutes, or boil it on the gas stove.

Product essential information


Purified water , Cod roe, John dory liver∙ roe , Abalone , Clam shell , Blue Crab , Shrimp , Scallops , Mussels , Shellfish , Corbicula, Large-eyed herring, pollack , bean sprouts , water parsley , kelp , red pepper powder , minced garlic , pepper powder , sea salt


  • Soybean, Fish, Shrimp, Squid, Shellfish

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