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Babkangdo Ganjang Gejang 1.5kg (Raw Crabs Marinated in Soy Sauce) - Delivery available only in Korea

Babkangdo Ganjang Gejang 1.5kg (Raw Crabs Marinated in Soy Sauce) - Delivery available only in Korea

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Fresh out of Korean West Sea Babkangdo Ganjang Gejang (Raw Crabs Marinated in Soy Sauce)


Our product is fresh out of West Sea. Fresh crabs never has fishy smell and we did our best with the seasoning to be well balanced taste and to provide the best Soy Sauce Crab for our customers.
9 different Korean medicine herbs and plum liquid, Hongsam honey, gashiogapi also used with Babkangdo's special secret recipe.


A Note from Mealtones

Bapkangdo sends out their own fishing boat for catching and preparing crabs for freshness and their taste.



This product has the best savory tasted Soy Sauce Crab

  • We only pack the freshest crab on the spot and it does not have fishy taste.

  • We only use 100% Korean ingredients for our sauce.

The family business for three consecutive generations, BAPKANGDO

We are located in Haemangdong, Gunsan, where West Sea and Geum Gang meet, for over 80 years and counting 3rd generation family business. We send out our own boat to catch and prepare crabs so that we can deliver best seafood right from West Sea to your table.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

serves 3



3.3lbs (1500g)



Once this product is out of freezer, crab meat will start to shrink. Please take out the amount you want to serve then please keep the remaining into the freezer at all time.

Product essential information


crab, vegetable soup (purified water, sea thistle, onion, radish pepper, garlic, ginger, pepper, anchovy), soy sauce (purified water, salt, wheat, fructose, alcohol, defatted bean, sea malt, enzyme modified stevia), glucose plum extract (plum, sugar), clear rice wine


  • crab
  • anchovy
  • bean

Expiration date

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