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Kim O Gon's Whole Deer Antler Ssanghwabogam

Kim O Gon's Whole Deer Antler Ssanghwabogam

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Precious whole deer antler Kim O-gon's whole deer antler Ssanghwabogam


Among New Zealand deer antlers in clean areas, only SA (Super A) grades are used, based on the New Zealand Deer Association rating standard. All parts of the antler, from the bottom of the antler to the middle, top, and bone tips, have been put in whole.


MD Recommends:

The rich energy of whole antler, the vitality of red ginseng, the vitality of agarwood, and 15 traditional ingredients were mixed with director Kim O-gon's research know-how, and then decoct at low temperature for 3 days and nights to make them thicker. Take care of your family's health with the Ssanghwabogam for whole deer antler.


Tasty Note

It uses herbal ingredients and has a strong herbal scent.

  • With HACCP certification, the whole family can eat with confidence.

  • We sell Ssanghwabogam for whole antler of quality that can be trusted and relieved by signing up for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance product liability insurance.

National Oriental Medicine Doctor Kim O Gon's Ssanghwabogam

'Oriental medicine & Donguibogam's secret recipe for daily health!' Based on the knowledge gained through over 30 years of oriental medicine research and the belief that we chose the taste myself and participated. In addition to antler, red ginseng, and aloeswood, it was made properly by considering the compatibility of 15 other good ingredients.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

1 Pack 80ml



1 BOX (80ml X 30 Packs)



Precipitates may form due to vegetable ingredients, etc., but there is no problem with the quality of the product. Shake well before serving. Do not heat in the microwave as it is in the pouch package.

  • STEP 1 How to consume

    Take 1 pack (80ml) 1-2 times a day.

  • STEP 2 Caution

    If you are idiosyncratic or allergic, check the ingredients before taking.

Product essential information


Deer Antler Mixed Extract [solid content 1%, Angelica, Jujube, Astragalus, Licorice, Cnidium, White Peony, Rehmannia Root, Cinnamon, Baekchul, Other Fructose, Dextrin, Caramel Syrup, Chaga Mushroom, Wolfberry, Bokbunja, Tosaja, Radix Root Peel, Red Ginseng, Deer Antler, Chihyang }, honey, ginseng berry concentrate, red ginseng concentrate, xanthan gum, complex golden extract


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