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Onggojib Barley Sprout Nakji-jeot (Salted Octopus)

Onggojib Barley Sprout Nakji-jeot (Salted Octopus)

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Plenty of chewy and fresh octopus! Onggojib Octopus Jeot


Onggojib Salted Fish, carefully made with fresh raw materials and a delicious seasoning, is an excellent side dish that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Ongojib Salted Octopus makes the most of fresh raw octopus rather than stimulating seasoning and increases the content of octopus, so you can fully enjoy the chewy and firm taste of octopus.


MD Recommends:

You can enjoy a delicious meal without worrying about side dishes by salting fresh raw water with clean sun-dried salt and carefully making it with delicious seasoning. It is good for health with plenty of octopus rich in taurine, minerals and amino acids, and with sweet and spicy seasoning, it is a side dish that makes your mouth water just by imagining it.


Tasty Note

It is a rice thief that anyone of any age or gender can enjoy the natural taste of firm octopus that is not irritating and the more you chew, the more savory it is.

  • It is hygienically manufactured in a HACCP certified facility so you can eat with confidence.

  • Barley sprouts contain 18 times more potassium and 3 times more vitamin C than spinach.

Best Fermentation Brand Onggojib

It has been 20 years since we started our business with 100% Korean ingredients for our traditional taste. We fermented our products with right sunlight, clean water, and clean air of Gunsan area in traditional mud jars. Our endless effort for traditional Korean paste food will continue to bring the best to our customer's table.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

17.6oz (500g)





  • STEP 1 serve as a side dish

    It has a sweet and spicy taste that whets your appetite, so it's a breeze to eat just by putting it on cooked rice.

  • STEP 2 serve as bibimbap

    Put this product into cooked rice and add sesame oil and red pepper, mix and eat.

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