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Geumseo Hanbangchon Rice Corporation

Sancheongen Geumseo Hanbangchon Rice

Sancheongen Geumseo Hanbangchon Rice

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Pesticide-free Hanbangchon rice, cultivated in the fertile fields of Sancheong, known for its adherence to the principles of Donguibogam, a classic Korean medical text


Harvested beneath the Mt. Pilbong, in the fields of Daraengi, with abundant sunlight and clean water, our rice boasts a rich and savory flavor. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, using natural methods like weeding with ducks and waterwheel devices instead of herbicides and pesticides. Cultivated in healthy soil with no detectable chemical residues, we use herbal medicine remnants and green manure instead of synthetic fertilizers. Our Akgihabari rice, grown exclusively, undergoes a saltwater purification process instead of pesticide fumigation, followed by warm water treatment


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This rice is cultivated in Sancheong, the home of Donguibogam, without a single handful of chemical fertilizers, ensuring a clean and pure cultivation process


Tasty Note

The rice is fragrant with a glossy texture, and the grains are small, making it easy for children to enjoy

  • Grown in a pristine area using natural farming methods, without a single handful of chemical fertilizers.

  • Managed in low-temperature storage facilities to consistently preserve the taste of freshly harvested rice

Geumseo Hanbangchon Rice Corporation

Situated near the pure waters and clean valleys at the foot of Mount Jirisan, Sancheong is the hometown of Donguibogam, where medicinal herbs thrive in the pristine environment. For the past 15 years, we have been cultivating crops using eco-friendly natural farming methods, abstaining from the use of pesticides in this clean cultivation area.

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Geumseo Hanbangchon Rice Corporation

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