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Chahwang Eco-frendly Agicultural Community

Sanencheong Cham Organic Rice

Sanencheong Cham Organic Rice

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Sanencheong Cham Organic Rice, grown in the pure and clean soil of Sancheong, South Korea


Known as 'Akkibare,' this Chujeong rice variety yields a smaller harvest compared to its cultivation area, resulting in a glossy texture and excellent chewiness. Its flavor, preserved for an extended period after harvesting, allows for a long-lasting, fresh rice taste.


MD Recommends:

Organic rice grown, nurtured by the crisp air and abundant sunlight at the foothills of Mount Jirisan


Tasty Note

The rice has a savory flavor and a chewy texture.

  • It is cultivated in the pure and clean region of Mount Jirisan

  • Chujeong rice offers a delicious taste and a pleasing texture.

Chahwang Eco-frendly Agicultural Community

Working diligently in the fields today to present rice, the foundation of Korean strength, that is healthy, reliable, and of the highest quality, embodying the essence of our hard work.

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Chahwang Eco-frendly Agicultural Community

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