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Seasoned Salted Hairtail

Seasoned Salted Hairtail

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Onggojib's Seasoned salted Hairtail, Made Deliciously with Fresh Ingredients.


Onggojib's Seasoned salted Hairtail, a Favorite Among Connoisseurs, is made from fresh Korean hairtail fish and other common fish, salted with sea salt and seasoned to perfection. With its unique flavor and the distinctive taste of Seasoned salted Hairtail, it has garnered the love of many gourmets.


A Note from Mealtones

Made exclusively with fresh Korean hairtail and other fish, it offers an even richer taste. Its delightful texture makes it a perfect side dish for rice, and its rich flavor will satisfy any fan of fermented seafood.



The perfect balance of spicy and sweet seasoning enhances its flavor without overwhelming it, making it even more delicious.

  • Made exclusively with fresh Korean hairtail and other fish, it offers an even richer flavor.

  • With its excellent texture and rich flavor, it is perfect as a side dish for rice and tastes even better when paired with pork.

Best Fermentation Brand Onggojib

It has been 20 years since we started our business with 100% Korean ingredients for our traditional taste. We fermented our products with right sunlight, clean water, and clean air of Gunsan area in traditional mud jars. Our endless effort for traditional Korean paste food will continue to bring the best to our customer's table.

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Seasoned Salted Hairtail 99.7% [Salted Hairtail {Hairtail, Sea salt, Strach syrup, Mixed seasoning(Red pepper, Purified water, Refined salt, Garlic, Onion)}, Hairtail intestines, Anchovy sauce, Garlic, Ginger, L-Sodium glutamate preparation(Sodium L-glutamate,Disodium 5'-ribonucleotide, Disodium 5'-Guanylate), Potassium sorbate] ,Barley powder 0.3%


  • wheat, fish

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