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Yeongju Hanwoo Sobaeksan Premium Set (1+Class) - Delivery available only in Korea

Yeongju Hanwoo Sobaeksan Premium Set (1+Class) - Delivery available only in Korea

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Yeongju Hanwoo Sobaeksan Premium Set (1+ Class)


rib: Yeongju Korean beef ribs are well marbled and thick, so they have a good flavor. It has a light pink color and is soft and chewy. The texture is good and the savory taste is excellent. Sirloin: Yeongju Korean beef sirloin is the best part of sweet and savory beef, rich in gravy, and has a good flavor because there is a lot of fat between the muscles. Tenderloin: Yeongju Hanwoo Tenderloin is crimson in color and has a fine texture. It is the softest of all Korean beef parts. Because there is no fat, it gets tough if you cook it for a long time. We recommend eating it slightly undercooked.
fillet : Yeongju Hanwoo fillet has less fat than sirloin and has a fine and soft texture with moderate marbling. It is the best part for the delicacy of sweetness, with a subtle yet strong scent that evokes the appetite.
oyster blade: Yeongju Hanwoo Beef fillet is a special cut and production is small. It is juicy and has a great chew.
short plate: Yeongju Hanwoo Upjin Meat is a special part and production is small. The fat and meat parts are layered, and the juiciness is the best among Korean beef parts. The grain is a little rough, but the marbling is good.


MD Recommends:

It is made with Yeongju Korean beef raised in the clear water and clean air of Sobaeksan Mountain, which boasts a heavenly environment.
Yeongju Hanwoo traces and manages information from birth to slaughter, processing, and sales of cattle through the special beef traceability system. See Individual Identification Number listed on packaging. (Traceability can be checked at www.


Tasty Note

The meat quality is good, and the taste is not comparable to that of Korean beef in any region. In addition, it is delivered in an ice pack with oxygen packaging, so it is kept fresh during delivery and there is less change in taste.

  • Excellent first-class Korean beef grown in the clean water and clean air of Sobaeksan Mountain in Yeongju

  • Safe and reliable quality with beef traceability system and oxygen packaging delivery

Yeongju Livestock's Yeongju Hanwoo (Korean Beef)

Yeongju Hanwoo, a brand of Yeongju Livestock Farming Cooperative, has firm meat quality and deep taste due to the large daily temperature difference in Sobaeksan Mountain, which is 1,439m above sea level, with clean water and clean air, which is a blessed natural environment. In addition, with high-quality processing and a thorough hygiene system, we are trying to make food that consumers trust and are satisfied with. Yeongju Hanwoo selects excellent pedigree calves, carefully raises them for over 30 months, feeds special feed with flax seeds added, and determines the right time to ship by conducting ultrasonic meat quality diagnosis, and produces only high-quality meat.

Included in the Package

Servings per Container

2kg 1 set



rib 500g + sirloin 500g +tenderloin or fillet 500g + oyster blade or short plate 500g



Oxygen packaging inhibits microbial growth, keeping refrigerated meat fresh during shipment.

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