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Yumyoung Fishery Association Corp.

Younggwang Bupsungpo Dried Yellow Corvina Set(20 yellow corvinas, over 2.2kg) - Delivery available only in Korea

Younggwang Bupsungpo Dried Yellow Corvina Set(20 yellow corvinas, over 2.2kg) - Delivery available only in Korea

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Youngkwang Bupsungpo Yellow Corvina dried in Bupsungpo's sea breeze, made from Korean yellow corvina.


The unique salting method of Bopsungpo in Yeonggwang maximizes the flavor of the yellow corvina. 'Seobgan,' a type of salt, is aged for over a year to become fully purified natural salt. This salt is meticulously applied to the yellow corvina body, evenly coating the flesh. When combined with the yellow corvina meat, it creates a distinctive and deep flavor.


A Note from Mealtones

The Yellow corvina of Yumyoung Fishery Association Corp. in Bopsungpo, Yeonggwang, Selected Sea Corvina, showcases exceptional quality and distinction by exclusively using carefully selected Korean yellow corvina. Yellow corvina made from domestically sourced fish features a distinctive appearance: it has a diamond-shaped protrusion at the center of its head when viewed head-on, a bright golden color on its belly, and a reddish hue in its mouth. The price of yellow corvina can be quite expensive, even for specimens as small as about 2 cm in length, costing between 10,000 to 15,000 won per fish. Therefore, it's advisable to carefully examine the size and check the origin and processing information indicated on the label when purchasing



The unique deep flavor comes from evenly salting the exceptional, dazzling, silver corvina

  • It is a premium product caught in Korean coastal waters and processed in Yeonggwang and Bopsungpo

  • It has been processed with 'Seobgan' to maximize the flavor of the yellow corvina

The yellow corvina of Yumyoung Fishery Association Corp. directly produced and managed by the yellow corvina artisan.

CEO Bae Hyun-jin, a yellow corvina expert from Bopsungpo, Yeonggwang, South Korea, who has been recognized as a Korean intellectual for his contributions to the scientific advancement of yellow corvina drying and storage methods, as well as the development of yellow corvina processed products that cater to the modern palate and their exportation overseas. He meticulously produces yellow corvina in a hygienic and safe facility that complies with stringent standards set by the demanding U.S. FDA

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Servings per Container

Over 2.2kg



20 yellow corvinas


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Yellow Corvina


  • Fish

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Yumyoung Fishery Association Corp.