A beautiful Jeollanam-do where people with generous hearts live together



Jeollanam-do is a place known for its beautiful Dadohae and clean coastal waters, as well as its rich ingredients that come from the fertile plains. This has led to a developed food culture with a reputation for delicious cuisine traditionally.


Jeollanam-do slogan

"Land of Life, Best Jeonnam" represents Jeollanam-do as a precious land that is the source of life and promises sustainable development. It expresses the determination to transform Jeollanam-do into the most prosperous, livable place, where it is also opening up an era of happiness for its residents.

Strict screening criteria,premium brand, Namdo Mihyang

"Namdo Mihyang," the Jeollanam-do food co-brand, is a leading domestic agricultural and marine product brand that was developed to support the promotion for those companies' (expanding into non-processed products in 2019) products in Jeollanam-do.


Namdo Mihyang brand is a Jeollanam-do premium brand approved through a strict screening process, with 88 participating companies as of 2018, producing over 670 products across 208 items.


Most of the designated Namdo Mihyang companies are certified for safety food production, such as ISO, FDA, HACCP, South Korea’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs' traditional food quality certification, and organic processed food, producing safe food with the taste and scent of Jeollanam-do. The Namdo Mihyang brand has registered international trademarks in six different regions and countries, including the EU, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan, and is actively promoting member companies' exports.


Namdo Mihyang brand is committed to establish safe and healthy food culture in Korea.

Here's how it's composed!

We are branding and promoting processed agricultural products that are grown in clean natural environments, with a focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and farmers in our region who face difficulties in spotting right markets for their high-quality products.


As of the end of 2022, we have listed 181 participating companies, offering 399 items, 1,264 products.